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Yes Gang | 29 June 2020 | Eden

Hi, I’m Eden, a fellow curly learning how caring for my hair has built so much confidence.

I didn’t have an easy start. At school, I felt my wild and unpredictable curls didn’t quite “fit in” – too frizzy one day and pom-pom the next. Even as a low-maintenance un-girly girl, I did want some predictability when it came to my curls.

So, I embraced my subtle curls and learnt about my hair type and how to style it.

I learned “refreshing” is key for all curlies because:

  • It reduces the crazy hair days, bad hair mornings and brings some control and predictability into my hair
  • It makes my curls last longer between full-wash days
  • It maintains my clumps (recipe for great curls)

Seeing my confidence grow in my hair (pun intended!), I can honestly say I have felt more in control and happier. I want you to have the same feeling.

Ginger curls

Everyone’s routine will look different but here’s mine to get you started:

  • Hands wet, start at the roots of a curl clump.
  • With hands flat together in prayer position, sandwich your curls, gently pulling downwards to tips. *
  • Then, scrunch hair back to the roots at 90 degrees.
  • Pulse fingertips at your roots boosting any curls that got pulled downwards in the step before.
  • Leave it to dry as you get ready for the day or night. Or, if you’re a lover of volume, diffusing is a must.
Water hands

*If it is just one clump of hair you want to re-adjust, wet your hands and grab that clump and gently pull it like a rope. Then, fix any loose frizz back into the curl clump.

 Good luck curly friends, I know you can build confidence with your curls. It’s right at your fingertips!

Stop the damage


"Never in my life has my hair been so healthy, hydrated and defined! Yes Hair has taught me how curly hair should be treated and now there’s no going back! My hair gives me so much more confidence and I love sharing my curly hair care tips with my friends."

- Jaiya, aged 24

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Love and Hydration,
Eden xx


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